Social Media

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Services like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can let website visitors interact with your orgnaization.

Harness the Power of Social Media for your Organization

Using these services is essential in today's online world.  Social media sites give people a way to interact and stay up to date with your organization.

We can connect your site to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, or any other social media web application.

Share your Pages

People viewing your website can do more than just follow you, they can share your page with everyone they are linked to.  Do you see the social media icons in the "Share this page" block at the bottom of many pages on this site?  Those buttons let site visitors easily share the page with just a few clicks.

When using a service like AddThis, you also get free analytics.  They provide detailed information about how people share your pages.  Some of the information they provide includes a daily tracking of shares of your pages, which pages where shared on what social media sites, and how many people clicked on the shared links.

Icons, Cover Images, and More

Do you need customized social media icons to match your site or landing pages?   How about custom cover images for your organization's Facebook page?  No problem.  Just let us know what you need!

Check out our Facebook page to see how custom cover images help the page stand out.

Our recent Facebook cover image