Easy Updates

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Websites in WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla! make it easy for members of your organization to update and manage the website we create for you.

Once your site is up, do you want the ability to update it yourself?   Lotus Petal Designs can create sites with password protected access that allow users you authorize to update the menus, page content, images, and other items anytime you want!

This is usually done by setting up a WordPress or Drupal site, with a custom theme that we design to meet your goals.  WordPress and Drupal are both examples of a CMS, or "Content Management System".  The whole point of them is to make it easy to manage your content.

Customizing them for your organization is where we come in!

More Than Just Pages

Some people are already aware that it is possible to set up websites where users can edit the content and add or remove pages.  Did you know that we can also create custom templates and content types that allow users to add dynamic or complex items?  Not only is it possible, but we can often find a solution for any budget - so you don't have to spend a fortune to get a professional quailty site.

Read more about the web-based solutions we can create for your organization by checking out our Drupal and WordPress sections.