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We offer a full range of web services for our clients, to take the stress out of managing their online presence.

Lotus Petal Designs can provide the services you need to manage your web and social media sites.  Whether you need a full website or just need something small like help setting up a Facebook page, we can handle it.

Be sure to check out our case studies to see how we've helped our existing customers meet their goals.

Perks of being a customer

We give our clients personalized service.  That's why we don't have a price list of general services - we tailor each web services package to the individual client's needs.

Our customers also get to work with knowledgable people.  They never have to play the telephone game of describing their needs to a project manager or sales person who then tries to pass the information along to a devleopment team.  Anyone you speak with at Lotus Petal Designs has years of hands on web development experience and is personally involved in your project.  In many cases, you will be dealing directly with the owner and founder of Lotus Petal Designs, Toni Porter, who has over 10 years of digital graphics and web development experience.

Maintenance Services

We don't just create your site then walk away - we're here to handle anything that comes up.  We provide a Managed Hosting option that can include additional services like code and SEO updates, specialized database backups, or whatever ongoing services you need for your site.  Even hosting clients who don't choose the Managed Hosting option are eligible for discounts on the maintenance of their websites.

Confidentiality Option

Need help with your site on a confidential basis?  Not a problem.  Many large organizations need help with cross browser troubleshooting or other issues their web team is stumped by.  We can help and keep the work completely confidential.  That means there will no reference to Lotus Petal Designs anywhere in the code and no trace of the project in our portfolio.

Confidential web services are charged at a higher rate, so please specify if you require this kind confidentiality when requesting a quote.