About Us

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Lotus Petal Designs was created out of a love for web design and a desire to help more people share information online.

Our Focus

We have a drive to create well performing sites on open source platforms!  This means our clients benefit in many ways.  By using open source technologies, such as Drupal and WordPress, we are able to keep costs down while still providing the highest level of services.  All our sites are built in HTML/CSS/PHP - no .NET sites of any kind.

History of the Company

Lotus Petal Designs was started on August 1st, 2005 by Toni Porter.  It was originally just a name to freelance under, so she could express her love of web design by helping others establish their web presence.

Over time, it became much more.  We expanded to begin to offer a variety of digital graphics services, then later added the ability to create websites that clients could edit themselves.  We now also offer a host of social media services and are beginning to offer mobile web services as well.  With all of this expansion, we had to reorganize to become Lotus Petal Designs LLC in late 2012.  Looking to the future, we will continue to keep up with the rapid pace of online technology so we can offer the best possible services to our clients.

Our Strengths

Full Service

It's easy to get confused and overwhelmed by all of the online services, options, and technical details.  No need to let that happen to you!  We can handle everything you need for your online presence - hosting, domain management, web design, social media pages, and much more.  Check our all of the services we offer.

Easy to Edit Sites

We can create a site that anyone at your company can edit just as easily as editing a document on your computer.  We create these sites in either WordPress or Drupal, so they are built on a solid open source framework that is both flexible and reliable.  This allows you to edit pages, add or remove entire pages, add images, or even change around the menus for your site.  Find out more about our easy to update websites.

jQuery to Make Things Move

jQuery is a JavaScript library that is becoming a popular way to include animations on websites.  This is because it does not have the limitations of Flash, which does not work on many popular devices such as the iPhone.  jQuery doesn't just make things move, it can also be interactive.  Learn more about jQuery and our other animated graphics services.