Mobile Friendly

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We can create a web site that adjusts for different devices, so it is always easy to read.

Can visitors easily view your web site on their mobile phones or tablets?  If not, they may get frustrated and go to another site before they even have a chance to see what your company has to offer.

We use can use animations that will work on the widest variety of devices and we can even make your site mobile responsive.

Mobile Responsive

This web site is an example of a mobile responsive site.  The content on the page moves and adjusts, based on your screen width.

Responsive design techniques are a great solution because they don't rely on device detection, which has to be constantly updated as new devices are created.  This way, your site simply adjusts based on the screen size so it is viewable on the highest number of devices.

Flexible Animations

We can use jQuery to create slideshows or other animations without using Flash.  That way, you get to have graphics that all users can see, instead of just seeing the missing plugin message that many users see on sites that use Flash for animations.


In addition to our own website, the following sites we have developed are also responsive design: